Showcased in my galleries are photographs I've taken over the years. I specialize in nature and wildlife, but I try not to get too caught up in specific subjects or aesthetics. I like to let my curiosity take the helm and see what I can capture or create. But for consistency sake, I have grouped my work into three separate categories: Fine Arts, Journeys and Projects. 


Photography has been my chosen medium to showcase my curiosity of the world but I draw a lot of inspiration from other forms of arts. It's important to be open and curious to all acts of expression, even if we aren't gifted with those talents ourselves. For example, learning techniques on acrylic painting has reminded me to focus on the small details of a scene while photographing. Taking a printing course, helped me see the colors of a scene for how they truly are and adjusting the white balance in camera accordingly. Drawing inspiration from other photographers like Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski), Paul & Mitty (@mitty, @paulnicklen), Ellen Woods (@endlessformsphoto), Liam Wright-Hoyt (@liamwh48), Galen Eggleston (@ak.eggleston) and Cory Heaton - even if their subject matter differs than my own - is also important. Continual education (formal or informal) is something I highly value as it allows us to expand upon our own knowledge and challenge the status quo. It can open up our world - bring light and understanding to where we only see darkness and confusion.  


In conjunction with photography, I am an avid hiker and backpacker, completing Vermont's 273 mile Long Trail and New Hampshire's 48 four thousand footers. Indoors, I love reading books and Wikipedia articles on geography, history and anthropology. I also love to share my knowledge of photography - so if you have any questions or wish to connect, feel free to reach out. You can find my info in the contact page on the header. 


Thanks again for visiting!